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Carpet Patterns

TOP Oriental & Persian Wool Rugs

These rugs require special care and should not be serviced by inexperienced technicians. Certain colors, such as red, are very sensitive to many cleaning agents, spotters and high water temperatures causing bleeding of the color and fading. High pH cleaning agents or rinses can cause browning of the fibers leaving them stiff and brittle.

Youmans Carpet Cleaning offers 3 different, very safe, methods for cleaning your fine wool oriental rugs. (All 3 methods start with a thorough dry vacuuming)

1. A slightly moist powder is worked into the carpet to absorb the soil. Allowing time for the product to work, it is then vacuumed up with a powerful commercial vacuum.

2. Encapsulating the soils involves applying a fine mist of a special cleaning agent. It is worked into the carpet and allowed the appropriate drying time (About 30 minutes). Then a thorough vacuuming removes the encapsulated soils.

3. Warm water extraction is safe and is also the most thorough method of cleaning oriental rugs. A special, citrus based, cleaning agent is applied to the carpet, groomed in to loosen the soils at the base and then flushed and extracted using a neutralizing rinsing agent. A lightweight rotary machine spins a thick, cotton, bonnet pad across the carpet and absorbs most of the remaining moisture. High-speed air movers dry your carpets quickly!

All 3 methods are offered at your home or, if you prefer, I will take them back to my shop. There I will perform your choice of cleaning methods. Then dry and wrap them up in heavy paper to keep them clean. When you are ready, I will deliver them to you at no extra charge!

Are you moving soon?
Have your oriental rugs and designer rugs cleaned at my shop prior to your move and I’ll wrap them up in heavy-duty plastic to protect them during shipment and storage at no extra charge!